When Installing Virgin Hair


Proper installation of your virgin hair is an important process. Virgin hair is an expensive investment that can last you a long time, so you want to make sure your hair is installed properly. Things to consider before you install you hair weave :

  1. Make sure the person doing the install is a professional hairstylist or at least knows how to install hair professionally– Closures in particular can require some skill to install. Closures that are not installed properly can look bulking and disoriented. Wefts that are not installed properly can easily loosen causing tracks to come loose or become visible.   If you want your hair to look good it has to be installed well. So always make sure the person knows what they are doing in order to get the optimal look you are seeking.
  2. Decide before hand, whether you want your hair cut for styling– People who purchase virgin hair invest a lot of money for their hair ,therefore you want to make sure it’s clear to your stylist whether or not you want you hair cut during the styling process. A good cut can bring  a nice shape to you hairstyle after install. But remember a hair cut is FINAL.
  3. Highlighting and dyeing of your wefts should be professionally done– Chemically altering your weft is a big step to take in the installation process. Please make sure you read the labels and do your research on dye products. Dyeing your hair unprofessionally can cause you to end up with a color you are not happy with or worst. Also, if the dye product  purchased is sleazy this can cause extreme problems to your wefts.
  4. Seal Your Wefts– Sealing your wefts offer additional security to the hair in order to prevent lost of strands and minor shedding. It’s a great process to do once your bundles have arrived.

Always take good care of your virgin hair bundles. Maintenance is an important part of longevity between you and your virgin hair. Contact us at : info@allminevirginhair.com for more information or additional questions.