Ombre hair is a new sensation in the hair industry. People love the uniqueness of having a two tone hair look. The issue for us as hair suppliers is that we sell 100% unprocessed hair ! Ombre hair is chemically altered extension through chemically dying a portion of the hair. It is not 100% accurate for hair sites to claim to sell 100% unprocessed hair if, Ombre hair is apart of their product line.

Virgin hair can be dyed, perm, straighten, highlighted like any type of human hair because it IS actual human hair. But you must consider what these processes do to your own hair. It can cause striping, thinning, breakage etc ; the SAME affects it will have on your virgin hair…Because that is what chemicals do to hair ; it breaks down the natural state of hair to give you the color you desire. So as a company we stay away from the fads of  the virgin hair industry, Ombre hair being one of them.


Virgin hair can come with a natural highlight or different color…… How? You can purchase Blonde Virgin Russian Hair  Or Even Asian infused hair from the Philipiness, Peru, where they tend to have more light brown and even burgundy hair color types. Always talk to your vendor if you are seeking a specific custom look. At http://www.allminevirginhair.com  you can contact us via email (best form of contact) to request a custom order. Beware though, it may take time to process your custom order request.

Regardless, of the hair look you may seek. If you do purchase virgin human hair just beware of the risk you take when chemically altering the hair. Everyone loves to add their own uniqueness to their hair, whether it’s colors. highlights or tints. Just take to them to research excellent dye products that wont damage or harm your hair. In another post we will talk about great hair products to use in your virgin hair.


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