Choosing The Right Hair.

The question that is asked over and over again is what type of hair should I order. There are many variety of hair choices such as, Brazilian Wavy to Malaysian Straight. It’s all about the right texture hair that will blend with your natural hair type. For many of our customers here at All Mine Virgin Hair we always recommend considering your hair texture. Which means ask yourself questions like, Do you have naturally thicker hair ? Is your hair more light and stringy ? Also there is the factor of hair pattern: Is you hair naturally kinky curly or kinky straight. The purpose is all about blending. If you tend to get you hair done and prefer to leave some of your own hair out then blending is very important. If you utilize a closures or get a full sew-in where none of your own hair is revealed then you have more versatility to select any hair type. But for those where blending is a concern take a look at this guideline:

  • Brazilian Hair (My Personal Favorite) : Is thicker and a bit more kinkier in texture. So this hair is perfect for individuals with thick hair or prefer Yaki textured hair. 
  • Peruvian (Customer’s Favorite): Is a lighter, flowy hair . This hair type does have a shine to it and is great for a bouncer style look.  
  • Malaysian Hair : Is a medium textured hair. So it has a nice balance to it.
  • Indian Hair: This is the most difficult hair type to describe because it really depends on the individual’s hair that has been collected. Textured hair in India can range from really Thick to extremely stringy. We recommend you specify to your vendor the texture hair look you are looking for ; whether that is Thick curly, Thick straight, Or light straight, etc.  Therefore we can select the hair based on your specification. 

Our site All Mine Virgin Hair. com does work with suppliers around the globe. This assures us that we are able to keep up with demand and offer only the most best virgin hair weave to our customers. Quality is always our focus. With each order, you can send us a quick email letting us know of any particulars you would like to request along with your order.

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